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European Guide on Good Practices for Patient Blood Management (PBM)

EU-PBM-Leaflet.pngPatient safety is of primary concern to the European Union. An important element related to patient safety is the safe and adequate use of substances derived from human blood. In autumn 2013, the Commission launched a tender on “Good practices in the field of blood transfusion“ via its Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency (Chafea).

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH has been awarded a contract to develop „Good Practices in the Field of Blood Transfusion“ by the Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) of the European Commission. AIT will be joined by a group of three leading experts to jointly develop an „EU Guide for Member States on Good Practices for Patient Blood Management (EU-PBM)”. 


Definition and Rationale of PBM

PBM is a multidisciplinary concept that primarily focuses on patient safety by avoiding and/or treating anaemia, minimising blood loss and bleeding and optimising the physiological reserve of anaemia. Studies have shown that this comprehensive strategy significantly minimises the use of allogeneic blood products and therefore reduces their adverse effects on patient outcome. It has also been demonstrated that PBM saves costs for health care systems.

​Key messages of PBM

  • Anaemia and/or bleeding is detrimental for patients
  • Transfusions carry a much bigger hazard ratio than previously realized
  • In hemodynamically stable patients, transfusion should not be the default response to anaemia and/or bleeding
  • PBM has the potential to prevent and treat anaemia and blood loss, thus avoids transfusion and therefore improves patient safety and outcomes.

Download: EU-PBM Poster (Version 1.0, 2014) 

​Benefits of effective PBM

  • Effective PBM can deliver improved patient outcomes through the conservation and management of patient’s own blood and better management of co-morbidities.
  • Effective PBM optimises appropriate use of the limited donor blood supply.
  • Effective PBM minimises the cost associated with the procurement and delivery of blood and blood products.